Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lipcote review

If you have been reading my blog then you know that I am a lipstick girl but just wished they would just last long (yes, I am looking at you ysl rouge volupte). Well I am sure you know what lipcote is as its been around for over 50 years :) Well if you don’t it is a clear liquid that you brush on your lips after you have applied your lipstick to stop it fading.

When I got lipcote from a friend for Christmas I got all nostalgic because we use to use it when we were younger and first started getting in to makeup. We didn’t really have a clue about it and we just thought we were so cool and grown up. I couldn’t remember much about it or whether it worked just that it stung really bad when you put it on.

What lipcote says:
Give your lipstick staying power!
Stops lipstick marking, staining and feathering - the secret of kissable lips.
If your lipstick is more like lip slip, you really do need Lipcote.
With its original, long-lasting formula, it will keep lips looking luscious & kissable all day long.
      - Effective & Long Lasting.
      - Unique formula made with natural ingredients.

How to use: Apply lipstick and blot thoroughly, apply a thin and even layer of lipcote and allow to dry. 

Since Christmas I have been trying it out and found I love it, it is now a staple in my make-up bag.  I find it makes my lipstick  last around 4/5 hours even with eating and drinking. The downside is that it doesn't work on all lipsticks. I find that it doesn't work with really creamy lipstick you just end up with a gooey mess and it just comes off after 10 mins, which sadly means it doesn't help with ysl issue :( 

It doesn’t really sting like I remember just more of a tingle which only last a few seconds and after you use it a few times you stop feeling it. Try and avoid licking your lips as it does has a horrible taste and it smells strongly of alcohol.
It comes in a nail varnish like bottle so when you are applying it in public you can get some funny looks off people thinking you are putting nail varnish on your lips :/

 Top: Before...Bottom: After 4 hours
* Colour works lipstick(name unknown)*

Top: before...Bottom: After 5 hours
*Wearing gosh Velvet touch lipstick in Tropical Pink* 

Top: before...Bottom: After 6 hours
*Wearing Rimmel Lasting finish lipstick in Alarm* 

Lipcote retails for £3.35 at Boots and Superdrug but you can get it for cheaper at bodycare.

Have you tried Lipcote? Do you like it?
Also, If you have any ideas for prizes i could get for my giveaway it would be appreciated



  1. I've never tried this before but I'm defiantly going to now :D

    1. You should defo try it out totally worth it :) x

  2. Hey love,

    Thanks for following my blog. I've followed back.

    Can't wait to read your future posts =)


  3. Replies
    1. I am really sorry I accidentally deleted your comment.
      Yep it does work but just not on all lipsticks as I said

  4. this looks very interesting! gotta try this!



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