Thursday, 22 March 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!

I was given the award by the beautiful Laura if you haven't already you should definitely go check her out and follow :) 

Here are the rules:
-Thank the person that nominated you with a link back!
-Tell 7 things about you!
-Pass this on to 9 newly discovered blogs and let them know they received the award!

7 things about me:
1. My favourite colour is pink
2. My little fingers are bent 
3. I love playing fifa 
4. If I am at home you can guarantee I am in tracksuit bottoms :)
5. I maybe into all things beauty but I act like a boy alot of the time too 
6. Vanilla is my favourite sent
7. I love the rain


  1. thank you so much for tagging me :)

  2. Congrats on this, i just +1(ed) you. I found your blog from a comment you left on another blog and really love it, would you like to follow each other?
    Also, if you have facebook, I would be so grateful if you liked my page:

    All the best,

    1. Thank you. yeah would love it if we followed each other x

  3. Love your facts! My middle fingers are bent aha they look so weird... and I'm always in trackies too :D xxx

    1. Someone else with bent fingers. It looks so weird its like all curled up and I cant straighten it x

  4. Hello darling! congratulations on your award! keep up the good work.your blog inspires me.btw,following u now via gfc.hope u can check out my blog and return the favor if u like.i would be very honored to have you as my follower.
    see you!!


  5. Thank you so much sweeti, my fav colour is pink too, I love the rain and if I am at home I am in tracksuit bottoms haha xxx

  6. Congratulations on your award, I recently got this too! :)
    Thank you for your comment and for following my blog, I am now following you back! x

  7. Thank you for nominating me :) x


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