Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What's in my bag

I have seen loads of whats in my bag post and they are one of my favourite things to read so I thought I would do mine so here it is.
My handbag I am using at the moment is just one from primark as I am currently on the lookout for a new bag. 

I didn’t organise it or anything I just poured it out and arranged it a bit more neatly so be prepared for some random junk. 

Phone charger
Gavilast (Always get bad heartburn)
Spleander sachets (hmm don’t know why they are in there or where they came from =/)
Notebook (I am a list person I am the type of person that does list for lists I have to do)
Pacha purse that I got in Ibiza
Natural collection body sprays in strawberry and vanilla               
Soap and glory hand food
Hair comb
Revlon lipstain in passion
Nail file
Lush pow wow lip scrub
Vaseline lip therapy  in creme brulee
Bracelets from primark
The book that I am currently reading which is Jon Richardson – its not me it you (ohh how I love him)
Hair bobble
17 nail polish in heartbeat  NOTD using heartbeat
My on the go makeup bag (I will do a separate post on this) 

What is in your handbag? If you have done a what's in my bag post leave a link below I would love to read it!


  1. Just wanted to say hoiw much I love Hand Food! I would put it in my bag but knowing me I'd lose it and be too upset! :) xxx

    1. I just make sure I have loads of bottles of it :) x

  2. Your bag is lovely :-) Check out H&M if your looking for a new bag they have great ones that are really on trend :-)

    Check out my latest post on my top 3 foundations

  3. love your handbag xxx


  4. Hi there, your bag is really nice, I've got some similar ones on my website http://www.mariesboutique.co.uk x


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