Saturday, 30 March 2013

Small Haul

Sooo I did a little shopping today, it is not much but I thought I would show you what I got. 

KayleyJane x

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How To Style - Denim Skater Skirt

After featuring a denim skater skirt from new look in my March Wishlist I got a tweet asking me how I would style it so I though I would put together a blog post on how I would style it for the day and night...

Denim skater skirt day

So this is how I would style it for the day. I would wear a jumper, I am obsessed with this cream NERD one from New Look tucked in to the skirt with a pair of classic white converse. Then for me the outfit wouldn't be complete without a  beanie hat because I LOVE a good beanie and a backpack bag (GOSH backpacks take me back). If the weather was too cold like it is most of the time in England a leather jacket and tights would look perfect with it too :)

Denim skater skirt night

I love wearing bodies with skater skirts I think they are so much easier to wear than tops because they don't keep riding up. I feel in love with this Lipsy Lace Body. Wearing a lace or more detailed body is a perfect way of dressing up a otherwise casual denim skirt, 
For Accessories a simple black clutchTo elongate the legs a pair of skin toned heels and a neon pink belt to add a pop of colour and. As there is a lot going on there is no need for tons of jewellery so just a few rings would look nice, I have been eyeing up this set at the moment and I am sure it will end up in my shopping basket soon!

So that is two ways that I would style a denim skater skirt, how would you style it?

KayleyJane x

Friday, 8 March 2013

Weekend Lust List

Weekend Lust List

1 Ax Paris Curve Peplum Scuba And Lace Dress When I saw this in Newlook a few weeks ago I was so jealous because it was in the AX Paris range and I didn't think they had it in the curve range so when I got home and checked there website I had a little massive scream when I saw it was there.
2 New Look Clear Perspex Hard Box Clutch I am not sure if I love or hate the clear handbag trend but I have been wanting one that was not too expensive so I could have a play around with it and when I saw this clutch for only £12.99 I thought it would be perfect for the job.
3 Mac Face And Body Foundation I have been using my Estée Lauder double wear for a while now and I really wanted to try something not so matte and heavy and also something that i have never tried before  I have heard really good things about this foundation so I am excited to get my hands on it and try it.
4 Barry M Textured Nail Paint - Kingsland Road With all the nail polish brands bring out all the different nail art and effects at the moment there we have all been spoilt for choice but when I saw the textured nail paint range from Barry M, I knew I had to get it, it is such a gorgeous colour .
5 Topshop Platform Chelsea Boots I have been after a pair of Chelsea boots for a while now but I wanted something a little different to what everyone has and when I saw these I fell in love. They have a 5.5 inch heel but with a significant platform they seem like they would be super comfy and perfect for a night out.

What are you lusting after this weekend?
KayleyJane x

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Favourite Blushes

Alright my lovelies :)
Today I am going to do my favourite blushes. I do love blushes but I don't really have that many. I prefer experimenting with darker eyes so usual stick with more neutral blushes and dont really experiment much. When I was picking up my favourite blushes I realised that matte blushes are my favourite formulation for blushes...I think it is because I am scared that the shimmery blushes will make me just look like a disco ball so I prefer to just wear a matte blush and add a highlighter :)

Mac  - Instant Chic
This has to be my favourite blush of all time. It is a gorgeous matte pinky peach colour. It is such a versatile colour as it is a sheer wash of colour but can easily be buildt up for a more intense colour. It is a limited edition colour and I am running out :(. I don't know what I am going to do when it runs out, I really need to find a dupe for this so if anyone knows of one I would love to know. 


Sleek - Flamingo
This matte pink colour is extremely pigmented and it looks very scary in the pan but don't let it scare you off. You just need to use a light hand and I use a stippling brush so it sheers it out a bit and it gives you such a gorgeous flush to the cheeks. Perfect for the spring and summer.

Mac - Well Dressed
I didn't think this blush would work for me because it is a cool blue toned pink and I am warm toned but I got it as a present for my last birthday and I am so glad that I did. It is a satin finish which gives you a gorgeous glow. It gives a sheer wash of colour to the cheeks and is perfect for my pale skin.

Natural Collection - Peach Melba
I have used this blush for years and years, since school back when I had no idea what I was doing...wearing foundation that is too orange and frosty blue eyeshadow *cringe*(Gosh I must have looked awful). It is a matte peach colour, obviously :). It is a perfect natural colour. It doesn't have great staying power but for £1.99 you can't complain.

Elf - Peachy Keen

I love this blush for my days where I am hardly wearing much makeup and going for the really natural look or when I am doing a smokey eye. I know I just said that I am not a fan of blush with glitter but the shimmer doesn't transfer to badly on the cheeks. This warm toned sheer peachy golden blush has small golden shimmer and is prefect for warming up my face without looking orange. 

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush - Peach
This is a gorgeous peach colour with very subtle shimmer. I didn't think I would get on with this blush as it is a cream blush. I thought it would slide right off but it doesn't. It gives a lovely natural glow. It blends in to the skin. I use it on its own when I am going for a natural look or as a base for other powder blush when I want my blush to last longer.

2 True Cheek N Lip Tint
For £1.99 I didn't really have high hopes but this little jar definitely worth the price, it will last for such a long time as you only need to use the tiniest amount. I definitely wont be purchasing the Benefit one. Blended in it gives your cheeks such a gorgeous rosey flush, like you have just been for a jog, which looks great with my porcelain skin tone. To apply this I use my elf powder blush to blend it in but you have to do it quickly or it will end up all streaky.

What is your favourite blush? 
KayleyJane x

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Monday, 4 March 2013

FOTN - Really Red

Hey, how are you all doing?
I went on a girls night out and for the 1st time in a long time I decided to do a red lip instead of a bold eye. I have always loved a red lip with my pale skin and I have tons of them, way more than I will every wear but every time I see a nice one in the shop I have high hopes and think yes I will wear this and I will not waste my money but I am never really brave enough to wear them so they just sit there in my makeup draw but I decided to take the plunge and wear one, I am so glad I did as this lipstick is amazing, I am in love with it, This will be in my February favourites for sure! The Lipstick looks way more orange and toned down in this picture but in real life it is more of a bright true red! (I will try and get a better picture of it for my favourites post)




February Favourites

I know I am a few days late but I am sure you guys don't mind, so here are my February favourites, Enjoy :)


Revlon Really Red Matte Lipstick
This is a blue based bright matte lipstick. It is basically like a 'true red' kind of colour. I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and decided to finally start wearing some of my bold colours. I love this shade against my pale skin and dark hair. I haven't ventured out wearing this in the day yet, I have only been wearing it on nights out. It is not as drying as most matte lipsticks that I have tried. It lasted a good amount of time on my lips before I had to top up and that was with drinking. I love this range of Revlon Lipsticks, I have a few shades and definitely worth the £7.49 price tag. You can find it here at Boots and Superdrug!

Loreal Glam Shine Stain Splash - 402 Milady
As I liked the red lipstick so much I decided to carry on and try some more bold colours and when I saw this in superdrug I swatched it and loved the colour then a couple of minuets later when i tried to rub it off and it left a stain (well duh) but it would not come off my hands till the next day so I had to go back and pick it up and I am so glad I did. I picked up a few colours so I wont go in to too much detail as I plan on doing a full review but what I will say is they are amazing. I am sure a lot of you have heard that they are dupes for the YSL glossy stains so will do a little comparison as-well  Milady is a gorgeous pinky plum colour. It lasted about 2 hours on the lips as a gloss and then left behind a gorgeous stain that lasted a good 5 hours. I can see a little obsession coming and I am going to need every single shade from the collection...sorry purse:) They are currently 3 for 2 at Superdrug and Boots

Sudocrem - I know most of you have heard of putting this cream on spots by now so I wont go in to alot of detail. I tried it when I was a teenager and had a lot of spots and I didn't think it worked which is properly because I was impatient and when it didn't work overnight I stopped. I don't know why but I decided to give it another whirl and I fell in love with it. I had a massive spot at the beginning of the month and I could not stop messing with it and picking at it, (I know I know naughty me) usually when this happens the spot will be there for months but using this it had faded by the end of the week :)

Backcombing Brush I have been using this basically everyday to just lightly tease my roots. I have a second crown so my hair falls really funny and for ages I was just using a comb to tease the hair in place and to give it some volume, but now that I have this I wont be going back. There is something about this brush that grabs the hair and pulls it back.

L'Oreal telescopic mascara
I have had this for a while and I never understood the hype, it just did nothing for my lashes I think it is because I already have long lashes just not many of them so I need volume so it just didn't do my lashes any justice, but I decided to whip it out and give it another go as we all know mascara sometimes get better once they have dried up a little bit and tried it on my bottom lashes and loved it. it has a thin plastic wand which separated and defined them really well and I can tell this will become a staple in my makeup bag.

Know for some random favourites
Avicii I could be the one

My Mad Fat Diary

Pretty Little Liars - I have been loving the TV show for a while now and finally decided to start reading the books. I know I am so late on the bandwagon but I didn't think they were my kind of thing but I am so glad that I gave it a go and I have been really enjoying them, I can see why everyone loves them so much :)

What have you been loving this month?
KayleyJane x

Saturday, 2 March 2013

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