Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Favourite Blushes

Alright my lovelies :)
Today I am going to do my favourite blushes. I do love blushes but I don't really have that many. I prefer experimenting with darker eyes so usual stick with more neutral blushes and dont really experiment much. When I was picking up my favourite blushes I realised that matte blushes are my favourite formulation for blushes...I think it is because I am scared that the shimmery blushes will make me just look like a disco ball so I prefer to just wear a matte blush and add a highlighter :)

Mac  - Instant Chic
This has to be my favourite blush of all time. It is a gorgeous matte pinky peach colour. It is such a versatile colour as it is a sheer wash of colour but can easily be buildt up for a more intense colour. It is a limited edition colour and I am running out :(. I don't know what I am going to do when it runs out, I really need to find a dupe for this so if anyone knows of one I would love to know. 


Sleek - Flamingo
This matte pink colour is extremely pigmented and it looks very scary in the pan but don't let it scare you off. You just need to use a light hand and I use a stippling brush so it sheers it out a bit and it gives you such a gorgeous flush to the cheeks. Perfect for the spring and summer.

Mac - Well Dressed
I didn't think this blush would work for me because it is a cool blue toned pink and I am warm toned but I got it as a present for my last birthday and I am so glad that I did. It is a satin finish which gives you a gorgeous glow. It gives a sheer wash of colour to the cheeks and is perfect for my pale skin.

Natural Collection - Peach Melba
I have used this blush for years and years, since school back when I had no idea what I was doing...wearing foundation that is too orange and frosty blue eyeshadow *cringe*(Gosh I must have looked awful). It is a matte peach colour, obviously :). It is a perfect natural colour. It doesn't have great staying power but for £1.99 you can't complain.

Elf - Peachy Keen

I love this blush for my days where I am hardly wearing much makeup and going for the really natural look or when I am doing a smokey eye. I know I just said that I am not a fan of blush with glitter but the shimmer doesn't transfer to badly on the cheeks. This warm toned sheer peachy golden blush has small golden shimmer and is prefect for warming up my face without looking orange. 

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush - Peach
This is a gorgeous peach colour with very subtle shimmer. I didn't think I would get on with this blush as it is a cream blush. I thought it would slide right off but it doesn't. It gives a lovely natural glow. It blends in to the skin. I use it on its own when I am going for a natural look or as a base for other powder blush when I want my blush to last longer.

2 True Cheek N Lip Tint
For £1.99 I didn't really have high hopes but this little jar definitely worth the price, it will last for such a long time as you only need to use the tiniest amount. I definitely wont be purchasing the Benefit one. Blended in it gives your cheeks such a gorgeous rosey flush, like you have just been for a jog, which looks great with my porcelain skin tone. To apply this I use my elf powder blush to blend it in but you have to do it quickly or it will end up all streaky.

What is your favourite blush? 
KayleyJane x

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  1. Nice post, I have the same Maybelline one as you and really like it. The limited edition MAC one looks great, pity your running out hun, xoxo.

    1. I know don't know what I will use when it has gone x

  2. I'm not a big fan of blushes, it doesn't look good on my skin D: maybe I'm doing it wrong?

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  3. Those blushes are all so pretty, I love the elf one

    A little bit Unique



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