Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At Tag

I have seen this tag and I have been really enjoying it, It is nice to know that we all have things that we cannot do when it comes to beauty :)
I have come along way from when I first started doing my makeup. Poking myself in the eye was a regular thing with mascara and eyeliner and crying like a baby becuase it hurt and having to then wipe all the makeup off and start again because I had mascara all down my face. I can now even do false eyelashes but there is still some things that I really cannot do, so here they are;

Moisturizing my body everyday
This is just laziness to be honest but I mean who really has time to moisturizer there body everyday. I need to at least do my arms as I have Keratosis Pilaris pretty bad on them (I will do a post on this soon) but I just never do.

Using eye cream
I am at the age now where I should start wearing eye cream. Prevention is better than cure and all that but I just forget every time.

Getting mascara everywhere
Now, I don't poke it in my eye anymore but because I have super long lashes and really small hooded eyes it means that 9 times out of ten I end up with mascara somewhere on my eyelid messing up my eye shadow.

Washing my makeup brushes
I know, I know it is disgusting and even writing this is actually making me cringe I have gone months and months without washing them and I don't even want to know how long it has been. I have no excuse either it is just laziness. I have tried to wash them more often I even started putting it as a reminder on my phone but that just failed.

These things on my face are the bane of my life I can just never get them to look nice if one is ok the other is so messed up. I cannot get them to look even remotely similar. I know they shouldn't be identical - They should be sisters not twins but my eyebrows don't even look like friends. I either over pluck or fill them in to dark. I just need help!

So what do you suck at, let me know
KayleyJane x

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  1. I can sympathize with so many of these, but especially the mascara one - my eyelashes are just really short so any mascara wand will touch upon my eyelid too! x


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