Saturday, 2 June 2012

Not So Cool!

So I was just packing my makeup to take with me to pride when I noticed how many cool toned pink lipsticks I have. With pink being my favourite colour it is not hard to see why i have so many. The blue toned bubblegum pink look so gorgeous in the tube and so wearable but the problem is they look horrible on my warm skin toned. Everytime i go to the shop and see one I cannot resist and pick it up just hoping that it will look good even though in the back of my mind I know it will look awful.I have wasted so much money on these with lipsticks from YSL to natural collection but looking in my collection today I think it is time to say enough is enough and realise as much I hate it that they do not and will not ever suit you and too just stop wasting my money.

Is there anything that doesn't suit you but still cant resists?

KayleyJane X


  1. i look great with liliac and pink tones yet i always buy orangey lipsticks lol!and got even a dior one and i wouldnt dare go out wearing those wild colours!they look horrible on me yet i cant stop buying them lol!x

    1. At least I am not the only one wasting my money x

  2. It's not so much a matter that it doesn't suit me but I am on the everlasting quest for the perfect coral... Everytime I get one, I get happy and then when I put it on, it pulls SUUUUUUPER orange on me...


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