Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How To Style - Denim Skater Skirt

After featuring a denim skater skirt from new look in my March Wishlist I got a tweet asking me how I would style it so I though I would put together a blog post on how I would style it for the day and night...

Denim skater skirt day

So this is how I would style it for the day. I would wear a jumper, I am obsessed with this cream NERD one from New Look tucked in to the skirt with a pair of classic white converse. Then for me the outfit wouldn't be complete without a  beanie hat because I LOVE a good beanie and a backpack bag (GOSH backpacks take me back). If the weather was too cold like it is most of the time in England a leather jacket and tights would look perfect with it too :)

Denim skater skirt night

I love wearing bodies with skater skirts I think they are so much easier to wear than tops because they don't keep riding up. I feel in love with this Lipsy Lace Body. Wearing a lace or more detailed body is a perfect way of dressing up a otherwise casual denim skirt, 
For Accessories a simple black clutchTo elongate the legs a pair of skin toned heels and a neon pink belt to add a pop of colour and. As there is a lot going on there is no need for tons of jewellery so just a few rings would look nice, I have been eyeing up this set at the moment and I am sure it will end up in my shopping basket soon!

So that is two ways that I would style a denim skater skirt, how would you style it?

KayleyJane x


  1. I bought my denim skater skirt with white converse in mind, great minds think alike! xx

  2. I nominated you for a liebster award! Let me know if you do it.


  3. Love love LOVE those heels. <3


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  5. Hey lovely! Not sure if you'll remember me.. but I had a blog called What Rebecca Said and stopped about 6 months ago, but I'm back! I've had to restart so I have no followers at all anymore, but I'd love for you to check out my new blog :)


    Rebecca xxx


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