Friday, 7 September 2012

Fat Fashion Friday - OOTN

For this weeks Fat Fashion Friday I have the outfit that I wore out last Saturday night.

Please ignore the mess you can see in the mirror. I am honestly not that messy usually I am very anal about keeping my room clean but there were three other girls getting ready in my room and we were over an hour late so you can just imagine how we were, clothes getting thrown everywhere, all of us fighting for the mirror, utter chaos  Lol (so much fun tidying it the next day hungover =/). Sorry about the fact that my head is cut off and you cannot see my hair and make up I just couldn't get the camera angle correct and everyone was moaning at me to get my bum down the stairs as the taxi had arrived. I was planning to take more picture when I got back but wasn't exactly looking the best when I got back at 6.30...
Bag - Primark £8.00
Necklace - Primark £6.00
On my way I also decided to add this belt

Hope you all have a great weekend!
KayleyJane x


  1. You look lovely! :) hope you had a good night xx

  2. I really love that belt :) Great outfit x

  3. I hate running late, I have to be on time for everything. Gorgeous dress, I bought a similar one from Dorothy Perkins last year that I've never worn. Since you were hungover sounds like you had a fab night :)

    Just Smile.

    1. I hate being late I just always am, such a bad habit. x


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